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I am working on:

My education!

Of course. I am currently enrolled in the assosiate's program at IvyTech. I am also working on CompTIA's Linux+ and CASP+, and eventually the OSCP

I am currently learning programming/scripting languages

I am currently working on python, and am planning on diving more into ruby and rust at a later date.

A Nerve Page

This is on hold for now until I can get ahold of the developer of nerve. It appears to have been taken down, and the least I'd like to do is host a copy of it, if not take it over.

My website, obviously

Also on hold until I can get a proper host, most likely in the form of a cloud host.

Setting up some form of peer-to-peer messaging system | or | an irc server

Various other small and personal projects

If you have any questions, feel free to Email me, or add me on discord with "🦆.#2722".