I am working on:

My education!

Of course. I am currently enrolled in the assosiate's program at IvyTech. I am also working on CompTIA's Linux+, with CASP+ and -- eventually -- the OSCP as future goals.

I am currently learning (or attempting to learn, anyway) programming/scripting languages

I am working on python at the moment, and am planning on diving more into ruby and rust at a later date. I'd also like to learn C or C++, but I'm not certain that they will be relevant enough to my work right now to devote a significant amount of time to them.

My website, obviously

The only thing I'm still really working on for this is hosting. I'll either host it myself, or do cloud hosting. The only reason I'm not already hosting it myself is because I don't have a good place for the server.

Various other small and personal projects

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact me.

Weren't there a few other things here before?

I've removed two other entries on this list -- Nerve -- and the peer-to-peer/irc messaging entry. This was done in favor of Urbit. Urbit does everything that both others do, and does it better. If you'd like help setting urbit up, or if you just want a more "layman's terms" type explanation of urbit than you get from the website, feel free to contact me. My Urbit ID is also on that page, if you'd like to get ahold of me that way.

I'm well aware the navigations links end up poorly placed on this page on smaller screens, but most computer screens are large enough that you should not encounter any issue with this.